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Welcome to Bling Your Things

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Driven by Creativity and Quality

Hello Bling Crew! Welcome to Bling Your Things, LLC. 

Established as a beacon of creativity and quality, Bling Your Things, under the passionate guidance of founder Shannon Allen, stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and unwavering dedication to our cherished community of bling enthusiasts.

We Love To help

Originating from a deeply personal journey, Bling Your Things emerged as a labor of love during Shannon’s battle with breast cancer. Fueled by a desire for creative expression and a newfound appreciation for life’s precious moments, Shannon began crafting rhinestone pens and tumblers as tokens of gratitude for her healthcare heroes. It was during this time that she recognized a gap in the market for high-quality, affordable rhinestone supplies and embarked on a mission to fill it.

our commitment to you

Driven by a commitment to provide accessible tools for aspiring bling artists, Bling Your Things swiftly evolved from a humble idea to a thriving enterprise. Through meticulous sourcing and a keen eye for quality, Shannon curated a selection of premium rhinestones and crafting essentials, culminating in the creation of our signature Rhinestone Tumbler Kit.

We are innovators

Our commitment to innovation is limitless and embedded into the fabric of our operations, propelling us to be a leader in the rhinestone crafting industry. Our efforts to innovate in the field of crafting with rhinestones sets us apart.  As creator of the first flatback rhinestone tumbler patterns, that is now copied throught the industry, showcases our ability to redefine standards and prioritize the customer experience.

What set us apart

What truly sets us apart from the competition is our unwavering commitment to consistency, reliability, and the delivery of high-quality products. Paired with prompt shipping schedules and Shannon’s accessibility for direct training through various social platforms, our dedication to exceptional customer service shines through in every interaction.  Be sure to check out Bling Your Things growing library of free DIY Rhinestone tutorial videos on our YouTube Channel

Lets sparkle

Join us as we embark on this sparkling adventure together. Whether you’re crafting a heartfelt gift or unleashing your inner artist, let Bling Your Things be your guide to bringing brilliance to life.

Together, let’s bling your things to life, one creation at a time.

Happy Blinging 😊

we're here for you!

Shannon Allen


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Flatback rhinestones bling box with tumbler, rhinestones pattern and rhinestones in sizes ss10 ss16 ss20
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