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Business Tips

Business Tips – Ideas and Tips to grow your business and customer base​

Business Tips - Ideas and Tips to grow your business and customer base

Business Tips: We wanted to share with you a few tips and ideas We have used that have been and are still are successful ways to market your business.  

Q: How do I get more customers? 

Growing your business most likely will not happen overnight. It would be amazing if we could just make a website or post items on Etsy and people find us right away, they know what we sell, know we’re a reputable business and that we make quality products.

Tip #1 – Be a walking billboard for yourself! 
An easy way to get your products in front of potential customers is to be a walking billboard for yourself! Take or wear the products you make when you go to work, go out with friends, go to events, church, sporting events, etc.  Have business cards on hand to give to anyone who asks about your tumblers, shirts or other products.

Tip #2 – Give away samples of your work as Gifts!
Have a family member or friend with a Birthday, Anniversary or event coming up? Make them a customized gift with your products. It’s a Win, Win!  They will love that you made them a personalized gift, plus they will be advertising for you without even knowing.  Other people will ask them where they got it and they will refer them back you. There’s an old saying, “People do business with people they know” and it’s still true today. The more people you can introduce to your products the better.

#3 – We Got Team Spirit, Yes We Do!
Have a child, niece, nephew in sports, like Cheer, Baseball, Soccer, Basketball? Make some personalized Tumblers, Decals, or Shirts to wear to games where other parents will see them. You will have a unique product that no one else has and parents will ask “Where did you get that?” “Oh, I made this” “I want one with my child’s name on it”

#4 – Give back with Fundraising Opportunities!
You can also make something for the Coach, Assistant Coaches, Team Parent. Or look for information on meetings about team fundraising. You can offer unique items that can be personalized, products that people want and they’ll actually use. Fundraisers can lead to large orders, and put your products in the hands of large audiences that may need additional products. (this is not tax advise) In some instance you might be able to use your sample products as an advertising or business expenses too, talk to your CPA/Accountant for more information and details for your particular situation.

*Important point about logos, sports teams and designs in general. Always be thinking about Copyrights!  We will talk about Copyright in more detail later in the week. For now, the key point is to be sure to make your designs general and unique. DO NOT copy a school, league or any companies’ logos without their permission.  Be careful purchasing design files on Etsy or other websites. All because someone is selling files online does not mean they are an authorized seller, have permission or the rights to use recreate, or sell the designs.  You don’t want to get letters from an attorney, get shut down, fined or caught up in legal battles before you even get going.

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