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essential supplies for working with flatback rhinestones

Essential Tools for Rhinestoning

7 Essential Tools for Rhinestoning to Help You
Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary!

1. Adhesive/Glue:
Select the Correct Adhesive Based on Your Rhinestone Project

The first and most crucial tool for rhinestoning is picking the correct adhesive or
glue for your project. The type of adhesive you use depends on the nature of your project
and the materials involved. You’ll find various options, such as our favorite options for applying flatback rhinestones to tumblers and pens, Super Tite Fusion Tack. Its a thicker white glue thats stays where you put and dries clear. There are other options like Gem Tac, or 2 part epoxies like Bob Smith Slow Cure 30 min epoxy.   Choose a high-quality adhesive that provides a strong bond and dries clear to ensure your rhinestones stay firmly in place. Unfortunately, theres not a one size fits all adhesive for every project. Its best to always read the manufactures MSDS, which stands for Manufactures Safety and Data Sheet. This will tell you the recommended uses, prep and cure times, as well as what types of surfaces it is intended to be used on.  

2. Rhinestone Pick Up Tool:
Wax Tip Rhinestone Pick Up Tools

Handling small rhinestones can be a bit tricky, especially when trying
to place them precisely on your project all while keeping rows straight and lined up. A wax tip rhinestone pick up tool comes to the rescue! These nifty tools have a tacky wax tip that allows you to easily pick up and position rhinestones with precision. This way, you can say goodbye to tweezers and misplaced stones and hello to flawless designs.

3. Sandpaper:
Prep Your Surface for Improved Adhesion

To ensure a strong bond between your rhinestones and the surface, it’s crucial to prepare the area properly. Sandpaper with a grit of 60 or higher is an excellent choice to roughen up the surface slightly. This step creates a better surface for the adhesive to grip onto, leading to longer-lasting rhinestone designs.

4. Rubbing Alcohol:
Clean & Remove Dust and Oils

Before starting your rhinestoning project, ensure the surface is clean and free from any dust, oils, or residues that might hinder the adhesive’s effectiveness. A quick wipe down with rubbing alcohol will do the trick. This step will promote better adhesion, allowing your rhinestones to adhere securely and stay put.

5. Syringe & Blunt Tip Needle:
Evenly Apply Glue with Precision

To achieve even and precise glue application, using a syringe and a blunt tip needle is a game-changer. This method allows you to control the amount of adhesive applied to each project to adhere the flatback rhinestones. This also helps in preventing excessive glue and messy results. The syringe ensures accuracy, making the process more efficient and saving you from wastage. We find applying with a 18 gauge or 20 gauge blunt tip needles achieves the best results.

6. Shaker Tray or Mouse Pad:
Work Faster by Flipping All Flatback Rhinestones Face Up

When working on intricate designs or large projects, flipping each rhinestone right side up can be time-consuming. To speed up the process, use a shaker tray or a mouse pad with a textured backing. Give the trays or mouse pad a gentle shake and the rhinestones will flip over making them right side up. This will make it so much easier to pick up your flatback rhinestones with your wax tip rhinestone pick up tool.

7. Rhinestones from Bling Your Things:
Select the Right Size Rhinestones for your Project

Lastly, choosing the right rhinestone size is crucial for achieving the desired effect. Bling Your Things offers a wide range of high-quality glass Flatback rhinestones in various colors and sizes, from the small and delicate SS4s to SS10 for pens to the eye-catching SS16 and SS20 for tumblers and larger projects. Selecting the right size stones ensures that your design looks balanced and captivating.

Rhinestoning is an exciting and rewarding craft that allows you to add a touch of brilliance and bling to your creations. By arming yourself with these seven essential tools – the correct adhesive, a rhinestones pick up tool, sandpaper, rubbing alcohol, a syringe and blunt tip needle, a shaker tray or mouse pad, and high-quality rhinestones from Bling Your Things – you’re well on your way to creating stunning and dazzling masterpieces. So, unleash your creativity and start rhinestoning today! Happy blinging!

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