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Flatback Rhinestones

Bling Your Things FlatBacks Rhinestones are high quality, highly reflective featuring 12-14 facets, so they have sparkling color brilliance.

  • Flatback Rhinestones generally have a foil backing and do not have glue applied to the back. Because of this you may also see them referred to as non hot fix rhinestones.
  • You will need an adhesive to apply the stones to your projects. Adhesive or glue options may include Super Tite Fusion-Tack,  Beacons Gem Tack, E6000 or 2 part epoxy glues like CG500 or Bob Smith Slow Cure Epoxy.
  • Popular projects for applying Crystals and Glass Rhinestones to include products like dance and cheer apparel, hats, bags and other garments. Other Bling projects include stainless and acrylic tumblers, shoes like converse, nail art, ipad cases, laptops, and phone cases to name a few.
  • Flat back rhinestones are stated in sizes based on their Stone Size or SS for short.  We currently carry Diamond Cut Flatbacks in sizes SS4, SS6, SS8, SS12, SS10, SS16, SS20, SS30 & Multi sized Packs that include sizes SS4 to SS16.
  • The most popular sizes of flat back rhinestones for tumblers are sizes SS16 and SS20.
  • Please see our rhinestone sizing chart for comparisons as well as the conversion to what the size will be in millimeters or mm.
  • Glass Rhinestones are sold in 10 gross packages or 1.440 loose rhinestones. (1 gross is 144 pieces)*
  • Large selection of non hotfix color options are available.
  • Glass rhinestones are a budget friendly alternative to Swarovski rhinestones, especially since they are no longer selling loose rhinestones to the public starting at the end of 2021.

Non Hot fix starter kits are a great option if you're a beginner blinger or a bling professional. We offer several flat back starter kit options to get you started.

You can also find DIY Rhinestone Tutorials on our You Tube Channel. As well as additional tips, tricks and ideas for working with rhinestones can be found on our blog page.

Resin & Jelly Rhinestones

Looking for DIY Flatback options other than glass rhinestones?
Be sure to take a look at our Resin/Jelly rhinestones that are sure to fit any bling budget!

  • Resin Rhinestones also generally have a foil backing and will need to be applied with an adhesive or glue.
  • They can also be transparent, meaning they do not have a foil backing and will be see thru and take on the color of the surface they are applied to.
  • Jelly and Resin rhinestone are a budget friendly economical option compared to glass stones, as well as a popular option when first starting to learn to bling.
  • This type of stone can be used on similar projects to glass, but are not recommended to be used on items that will be exposed to high heat because they are essentially plastic and can melt.
  • Popular projects to embellish with Jelly AB and Resin bling projects include wine glasses, skinny tumblers, flasks, bling sneakers and phone cases. 
  • Resin and Jelly rhinestones are sized in millimeters or mm. Bling Your Things currently carries sizes 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. The most common resin size is 4mm or 5mm, which is comparable to SS16 or SS20 in glass rhinestones.
  • They are commonly packaged depending on their mm size. Where sizes 3mm and 4mm are available in packages of 1,000 or 5,000 pieces. Then 5mm is available in packages of 3,000 pieces*

Flatback Half Pearls

Flatback Half Pearls or half round pearls pair perfectly when strausing with other non hotfix crystals and resin rhinestones. Bling Your Things offers a variety of half pearl cabochon options in several colors and sizes to add elegance to any project.

  • Flatback Half Pearls are dome shaped cabochons and tend to have an AB or iridescent finish.
  • Popular projects to embellish with Flat back Half Pearls include Bridesmaid robes, invitations, wedding shoes, wedding dresses, makeup brushes and vases. 
  • Like Resin and Jelly rhinestones half round pearls are sized in millimeters or mm. Bling Your Things currently carries sizes 3mm and 6mm and will continue to grow the size offerings.

*Bling Your Things offers high quality flatback rhinestones at wholesale pricing, our rhinestones and half pearls are packaged by weight, therefore number is pieces per package is approximate and not an exact count.

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