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HotFix Rhinestone Shop Collection

Korean and Diamond Cut Hot Fix Rhinestones

Bling Your Things currently offers Korean Hotfix and Diamond Cut HotFix Rhinestones

  • Hot fix Rhinestones are made of glass and have a backing where glue is already applied. They are applied using heat from either a home iron, heat press or heat wand.
  • The most common item for applying Glass Hotfix Rhinestones to is clothing and apparel. This includes items like t-shirts, spirit wear, team hats, glam bags and many other options.
  • When applied to rhinestone decal material, hot-fix stones can also be used to make rhinestone car decals and bling wraps for tumblers.
  • Hot Fix rhinestones come in SS sizes or Stone Size, the most common stone size used for apparel is size SS10. Bling Your Things carries sizes SS6 and SS16 to create more detail rhinestone designs.
  • We currently carry two types of Hot-fix stones, Lead Free Korean Hotfix and Diamond Cut Hotfix. Korean Hot fix rhinestones feature 8-10 facets to reflect light. Diamond Cut Hot fix rhinestones provide more sparkle brilliance because they have 12-14 facets depending on their size.
  • Korean and Diamond Hotfix Rhinestones are sold in packages of 1,440 rhinestones or 10 gross packages, where one gross equals 144 pieces* We also offer bulk rhinestones options of 50 gross or more per package.
  • Bling Your Things offers a large selection of hot fix color options. The most popular colors are Crystal, Crystal AB, Siam, Cobalt, Amethyst, Orange, Citrine, Emerald and Black Diamond.
  • Our Korean Low Lead Hotfix Rhinestones are environmentally friendly and meet the Okeo-Tex standard for being lead free. The clothing and textile industries use the Oeko-Tex certification system worldwide for socially responsible production.
  • Please see our Hot-Fix applications instructions for recommended heat settings to apply Korean and Diamond Cut Rhinestones to a T-Shirt or Hoodie.

Hot Fix Sample Kits

Hot fix sample kits are a great way to build your collection of rhinestone color options.

Want to make a Rhinestone Sticker? Please see our DIY Rhinestone Decal Tutorial. Plus take a look at our blog page for additional tips, tricks and ideas for working with rhinestones.

Rhinestone Template Material

Want to create Templates for your rhinestone designs? Rock-It Rhinestone Template Material is a magic flock to create custom rhinestone transfers and designs.

  • Rock It Rhinestone Template material is 12 inches wide and works with all stone sizes. Due to the manufacturing process, material can vary in width 1/8-1/2 inch.
  • It is a Coral (pinkish) in color with a velvety feel. It has a sticky backing so it can be reused to make many rhinestone transfers from the same template.
  • Rock It is approx 40 mils in thickness, which makes it easy to cut with several types of craft cutters such as Silhouette Cameo, Cricuit, GCC as well as professional cutters like Graphtec.
  • It is easy to work with and brush your hotfix rhinestones into, because it turns the stones right side up, Then they can be picked up all at once with hotfix tape to create your design transfers.
  • If you like Magic Flock or Sticky Flock you’ll love Rock It Template Flock.
  • You can find template cut setting and recommended hole sizes on our blog.

Rhinestone Decal Material

Want to Bling Anything? Rhinestone Decal Material is the perfect thing for the job!

  • The rhinestone decal material is 12 inches wide.
  • When you affix hot fix rhinestones to it with a heat press or an iron, you can create create rhinestone decals or wraps for Starbucks tumblers. 
  • The decal material can be applied to many flat non textured surfaces. 
  • Just peel the milky white backing and apply the clear decal material to your surface, such as a car window.
  • Check out our tutorial to make a rhinestone car decal.

*Bling Your Things Korean and diamond cut hot fix rhinestones are packaged by weight, therefore number is pieces per package is approximate and not an exact count.

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