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How to make a rhinestone shirt

How to make a Rhinestone Shirt or Hoodie

How to Make a Rhinestone Shirt or Hoodie

Preparation: Turn Heat Press on, set to 335° degrees.

Machine cut settings and hole size for Rock It Rhinestone Template Flock can be found here.

    1. Cut Rhinestone designs into Rhinestone Flock Template Material with cutter, such as a Silhouette Cameo, Cricuit or Graphtec.
    2. Weed Rhinestone design from the Template Flock, keep backing to store template later.
    3. Place weeded design on flat surface, pour rhinestones over design. * Tip – Use 2 to 3x times more rhinestones than is required for design
    4. Use a Rhinestone Brush to Brush the stones into the holes using circular motion until all holes are filled.
    5. Place Hot Fix Tape over rhinestones to pick up stones and create a rhinestone transfer.
    6. Pre-Press your shirt where you will place design for 3 to 5 seconds to remove any moisture in the fabric, as well as any wrinkles.
    7. Line up the rhinestone transfer where you’d like to place it on your shirt. Place on heat press.
    8. Cover rhinestone design with parchment paper to protect it as well as prevent it sticking to heat press.
    9. Press rhinestone design at 335° degrees for 15 seconds with firm pressure.
    10. This is a Cold Peel process, meaning to peel the hotfix tape from the rhinestones after it cools. This allows the glue on the backing of the stones to become firm and adhere to surface applied to. Removing the tape before cool could pull the stones off with the tape. Use caution as materials will be extremely hot.
    11. If you are also using heat transfer vinyl (HTV) with your design, apply the HTV as your first layer. Do not press for the full time. You will tack it down by pressing for 5 seconds. Remove transfer masking, then place rhinestones and press for the full time required for the rhinestones. 
    12. Rhinestones cannot be layered on top of the HTV, they must be affixed to the fabric or they will fall off.
    13. The Rhinestones will need 24 hours for the glue to fully cure. Do not wash or launder the shirt prior to 24 hours after pressing.

Heat Press Tips

*Heat Press Tips – The temperature on your display does not necessarily match the actual press plates temperature. This can cause uneven heat distribution. It is recommended to periodically check the platens temperature with a laser thermometer.

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