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learn how to make a DIY Bling Tumbler using flatback rhinestones and honeycomb pattern

Make a Rhinestone Tumbler from a Pattern​

How to Make a Rhinestone Tumbler from a Pattern

Welcome to the Bling Crew! We are going to walk you thru the steps how to create a rhinestone tumbler from a pattern. This tutorial is perfect if you are just starting your DIY rhinestone journey or just need a refresher on how to rhinestone bling tumblers?  Bling Your Things creates user-friendly honeycomb patterns so you can create stunning rhinestone tumblers effortlessly. Let’s begin your rhinestone education with this tutorial and prepare to be dazzled!

Our printable rhinestone patterns provide a foolproof, step-by-step process to kickstart your project swiftly. Follow along with the rhinestone tumbler patterns to ensure precise rhinestone placement and achieve your desired design. These patterns allow for creative freedom while saving you valuable time by eliminating the need to brainstorm a design. Bid farewell to trial and error as you effortlessly align your design along the seams. Get started now with our Rhinestone Tumbler Patterns and Flatback Rhinestones!


Step by Step Rhinestone Tumbler Tutorial

Get ready to dive into the world of rhinestone tumblers with this captivating project! You will quickly learn how to make a rhinestone tumbler from a pattern.  Plus discover the joy of crafting the Herringbone Infinity Braid pattern, which not only boasts an easy-to-follow method but also guarantees endless entertainment. Immerse yourself in our tutorial to master the creation of this stunning rhinestone design brought to you by Bling Your Things.

The Herringbone Infinity Braid Tumbler pattern utilizes mesmerizing glass flat back rhinestones, specifically in size SS20. We recommend employing a 20 oz straight tumbler and three vibrant neon flatback colors for optimal results. Our chosen rhinestone hues for this tumbler are Neon White, Neon Pink, and Neon Purple. However, feel free to unleash your creativity by experimenting with different rhinestone colors to personalize the design. Unleash your imagination and let your bling tumbler shine!

20 oz stainless tumbler to make rhinestone tumblers
Neon Flatback Rhinestones

Rhinestone Supplies needed for Tumbler

Not sure what supplies you need to get started making a rhinestone tumbler from a pattern?
We got you covered!

Flatback Rhinestones size SS20:
💎 Flatback Rhinestones Neon Pink

💎 Flatback Rhinestones Neon White 

💎 Flatback Rhinestones Neon Purple



💎20 oz Straight Tumbler  

Rhinestone Tumbler Patterns

💎 Herringbone/Infinity Braid Pattern for SS20


Other Rhinestone Supplies:
💎 Rhinestone Pick up tool

💎 5 ml Syringe

💎 20 gauge blunt tip needle

💎 Super-Tite Fusion Tack

💎 Rubbing Alcohol

💎 Heart Shape Shaker Trays

Infinity Braid herringbone printable Rhinestone Tumbler Pattern using flatback rhinestones in size ss20

Infinity Braid Rhinestone Tumbler Pattern

Watch our tutorial, with step by step instructions to create rhinestone tumblers. We show you how to make a honeycomb pattern using flatback rhinestones. Plus follow along and learn how to create the transitions between colors to create this braided rhinestone design. We recommend using size SS20 or SS16 non hotfix Flatback Rhinestones for honeycomb patterns.

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