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Rhinestone Fill Patterns like grid fill, honeycomb fill, scatter fill, cushion fill, radial fill and premium grid fill

Rhinestone Fill Patterns

The Sparkling World of Rhinestone Fill Patterns
Pick from 7 different Fills for your Bling Projects!

Grid Fill - Get All Lined Up!

This rhinestone fill patterns is rather simple, but can be a little trickier than it looks. You are simply stacking your sparkly flatback rhinestones in neat and orderly rows and columns. You will be using flatback rhinestones of the same size, with the most common size for DIY rhinestone tumblers being sizes SS16 or SS20. You’ll create fabulous straight lines both vertically and horizontally, giving your project a clean and symmetrical appearance. The tricky part is keeping your lines straight, so take your time and this fill pattern will look amazing!

Honeycomb Fill - Nature's Inspiration!

Ever seen a beehive? That’s the inspiration behind the Rhinestone Honeycomb Fill! For bling tumblers, generally you will use size SS16 or SS20 flatback rhinestones, and arrange them in straight lines. But theres a twist, when placing every other row, the rhinestones are shifted over about half way. This ensures the rhinestones will fit nicely into the gaps created by the previous row stones. The result? A stunning honeycomb-like effect that adds a touch of nature’s beauty to your bling. Pro Tip! Don’t cram or tightly pack your rhinestones into the previous row. Allow yourself a tiny amount of room to make adjustments as you go. This will help you keep your lines straight as you proceed.

Scatter Fill - A Sparkly Chaos!

This is one of my favorite rhinestone fill patterns. You get to embrace the magic of randomness, no following patterns or keeping perfectly straight lines with this one. To create your scattered mix of flatbacks, you should use at least three different sizes of rhinestones. A good mix to start with is SS10, SS16 and SS20. If your adventurous increase the number of sizes to five or even six. A awesome rhinestone mix can include sizes SS4, SS6, SS8, SS10, SS16, SS20 or try sprinkling is a few SS30’s. Try mixing it up by blending a few different colors too. Then go to town placing your rhinestones in a delightful disorder. This creates a playful, multi-sized sparkle explosion that’s perfect for projects seeking a bit of pizzazz. Check out our custom flatback rhinestone mixes or try our multi size rhinestone packs to start your next scatter rhinestone design.

Radial Fill - A Dazzling Spin on Rhinestone Magic!

Hold on to your bling tools, because this rhinestone fill pattern will add a fantastic spin to your sparkling creations. Lets dive into the mesmerizing Radial Fill!

Say you have tumbler lid thats calling your name to be adorned with shimmering rhinestones. With the Radial fill you will start by placing rhinestones of the same size, around the inner most circle to build your foundation line. Then continue to work outward, row by row. Make adjustments to the spacing between the rhinestones to maintain an equal distance. 

When you’re done you will have created a mesmerizing tumbler lid that shimmers and catches light from every angle.

Island/Contour Fill - Bling Contouring!

Now, let’s take your blinging skills to the next level with the Island or Contour Fill! You’ll begin by placing rows of rhinestones following the edges of your design, just like they’re hugging those contour lines. As the lines get smaller or closer together, you’ll use smaller stones to adapt to the bends and curves. This will creating a stunning dimensional effect. Continue by placing additional rows of rhinestones until your bling project is covered to your satisfaction.

Dual Honeycomb Fill aka Cushion Fill
Bling with Alternating Sizes!

Want to mix things up a bit? The Dual Honeycomb Fill, or sometimes referred to as the Cushion Fill, is like a two-tone dance party for your rhinestones! Its very similar to the Honeycomb and Grid fill patterns, except that you’ll alternate between two different sizes of stones. This rhinestone fill pattern works great using flatback sizes SS20 and SS8 or SS16 and SS6. You can try this fill pattern with just one color or mix it up a bit creating a dynamic combo that will have an eye-catching contrast.

Deluxe Grid Fill - Filling in the Gaps!

This fill takes the Grid Fill and sprinkles in a bit of extra creativity! Youll want to use the larger size SS20 rhinestones, then add smaller SS6 rhinestones to fill those gaps created by stacking the larger ones. This technique not only elevates the sparkle factor but also brings a delightful contrast to your project. Try it with one color stones or add more sparkle with two colors. Pro Tip! This fill pattern uses twice as many rhinestones as the regular grid fill. If you sell your bling projects, don’t forget to charge more for this fill pattern. If you need help calculating the amount you should charge for your bling products, check out the Rhinestone Profit Calculator.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

There you have it, bling friends! Seven extraordinary rhinestone fill patterns to unleash your creativity and dazzle the world with your bling-tastic projects! Whether you’re blinging up a tumbler lid, a 20oz tumbler, a MakerFlo or Ink Joy Gel pens, or any other project.  These rhinestone fill patterns will add that extra touch of sophistication and bling factor your looking for. Your creation will stand out as a true work of art. So grab your rhinestones, your pick up tools, and shaker trays to get your bling on, and let your imagination run wild! The world is your canvas. With these fill patterns in your bling arsenal, there’s no limit to the sparkling magic you can create. Let’s spread the joy of bling together! Shine bright like a diamond! ✨💎

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