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AB Rhinestones – What are they?

AB Rhinestones What are they?

What are AB Rhinestone?

Welcome to Bling Your Things, where we unravel the mysteries and unveil the wonders of AB rhinestones. These captivating rhinestones will add an iridescent charm to your rhinestone tumbler or pen creations. So lets talk a little bit about AB Rhinestones and their magical allure and how they create a stunning visual effects thats sure to be amazing.

Whats an AB Coating?

First lets talk about what AB stands for and means. AB is short for Aurora Borealis, thats right were talking about the beautiful Northern Lights. In rhinestones its a mesmerizing coating applied to the rhinestones to give them an iridescent appearance. The AB effect was initially introduced by the Swarovski company back in 1956.  The AB coating mimics the beautiful shimmer and soft hues reminiscent of beautiful light show put on by mother nature. AB rhinestones attempt to capture the essence of the Northern Lights.

How does light affect the AB Rhinestone?

When the AB coating is applied to light-colored rhinestones like crystal and peridot, the AB coating shows a subtle luminescencet shimmer and adds shades of blues, pinks and yellows giving the rhinestones a rainbow like effect. On the other hand when it is applied on darker rhinestones it infuses a brilliant shimmering effect. The colors in the effectcan change based on the surrounding lighting conditions, and the background color the rhinestones are placed one. 
Take a look at our entire like of Flatback AB Rhinestones available is sizes SS4 to SS30. You can also try our multi size rhinestone packs to start your next scatter rhinestone design or use for filler stones.

Non AB vs AB Rhinestones

The difference between AB and non-AB rhinestones lies in their coating. AB rhinestones have an iridescence rainbow like finish, where non-AB rhinestones maintain their nautural color. Both types will add beauty, sparkle and bling to your next rhinestone tumbler, pen or shirt.

Choosing your AB Rhinestone Color

Bling Your Things offers a wide range of AB rhinestones colors. Colors include Crystal AB, Siam AB, Orange AB, Citrine AB, Peridot AB, Aquamarine AB, Garnet AB, Jet AB, Amethyst AB, Sapphire AB, Transparent AB. We offer rhinestone sizes ranging from SS4 to SS30 as well as Multi Size packs. AB rhinestones are available for both Flatback and Hotfix rhinestones.

Create a Bling Masterpiece with AB Rhinestones

Whether you’re embellishing tumblers, pens, cheer uniforms, halloween costumes, or adding bling to your nails, AB rhinestones will create one of kind designs.

Discover the sparkle of AB Rhinestones

Ready to knock your next project out of the park with the magic of AB rhinestones? Explore our amazing line of AB rhinestones at

Join us at Bling Your Things and let your creativity shine bright with AB rhinestones!

Bling Away!

There you have it, bling friends! The amazing story of AB Rhinestones.  Go dazzle the world with your bling-tastic projects! So grab your rhinestones, your pick up tools, and shaker trays to get your bling on, and let your imagination run wild! The world is your canvas. With these rhinestones in your bling arsenal, there’s no limit to the sparkling magic you can create. Let’s spread the joy of bling together! ✨💎

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