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3 Color Ombre rhinestone Tumbler Pattern for flatback rhinestones

How to Make a 3 Color Ombre Rhinestone Tumbler

Ombre Pattern + Tumbler Kit

Have you been wanting to learn how to make a 3 color ombre rhinestone tumbler? Well you’re in the right place! Bling Your Things created an easy to follow honeycomb pattern so you can start making beautiful ombre tumblers now! Get ready to say goodbye to the days of wondering how…

….And say hello to a step by step process to quickly get started. Plus we created an amazing flatback rhinestone tumbler kit, with everything you need to make an rhinestone tumbler. The flatback kit will not only save your time by not have to search for all the products you need, it will also save you money.Kits save over $15 compared to purchasing products individually.

Step by Step Rhinestone Tumbler Tutorial

Watch the 3 color ombre tumbler tutorial from Bling Your Things, where we show you step by step instructions to create beautiful rhinestone tumblers. We use glass flat back rhinestones in size SS16. Our design has 2 ombre transitions and uses 3 colors of Crystal, Peridot and Chameleon Rainbow.

ombre Honeycomb rhinestone tumbler kit

Everything you need to make a
3 Color Ombre Tumblers!

We took the guess work out of trying to figure out what products you need to create beautiful ombre rhinestone tumblers. All the products you need have been curated and combined into one amazing rhinestone kit. The kit covers all the basics including a 20oz stainless steel tumbler, 3 different colors of flatback rhinestones in sizes SS16 and SS20.  Plus super tite fusion tack, pick up tools, shaker trays, a rhinestone shovel, syringe and blunt tip needles.

Plus clean up will be a breeze because everything fits nicely into a convenient carry case that has removable dividers and 10 containers with screw top lids to store all your rhinestones. 

To top it off the kit saves you just over $15 compared to purchasing products individually.

 20oz tumblers use approx 30 gross of rhinestones to make 1 tumbler.  So don’t forget to add a 2nd tumbler at checkout.  The kit includes a total of 60 gross of two of the most popular sizes of rhinestones, SS16 and SS20, split between 3 colors. So theres enough stones in this kit to make 2 tumblers!!  (Number of stones used per tumbler will depend on design, pattern and how tightly stones are placed)

3 Color Ombre rhinestone Tumbler Pattern for flatback rhinestones

Link to get this Tumbler Pattern for Free

Watch our tutorial, with step by step instructions to create rhinestone tumblers. We show you how to make a honeycomb pattern using flatback rhinestones. Plus follow along and learn how to create the transitions between colors to create an ombre rhinestone design. We recommend using size SS16 or size SS20 Flatback Rhinestones for honeycomb patterns.

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