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Garnet Dark Red Flatback Rhinestones


Garnet Dark Red Diamond Cut Flatback Rhinestones – Silver Foil Backing

High quality, highly reflective with sparkling color brilliance and clarity

Color: Garnet Dark Red
Material: Glass
Facets: 12-14 depending on stone size
Sizes: SS4, SS6, SS8, SS10, SS12, SS16, SS20, SS30 + Multi-Size Packs
Quantity: SS4 to SS20 available in 10 Gross Packages
Size SS30 available in 2 Gross packages
*1 Gross = 144 pieces – 10 Gross -=1 440 pieces


Garnet Dark Red Flatback Rhinestones

Garnet Dark Red Diamond Cut Flatback Rhinestones

  • Bling Your Things line of Flat Back Glass Rhinestones are high quality, highly reflective with sparkling color brilliance.
  • Diamond cut rhinestones feature 12-14 facets depending on stone size.
  • Flatback rhinestone are round, loose stones with a silver foil backing.
  • Glass rhinestones are superior in quality to resin, jelly, and acrylic rhinestones.
  • We carry flat back rhinestones in 8 different sizes, ranging in size from SS4 to SS30.
  • Flatbacks rhinestones are sold in 10 gross packages. Also wholesale rhinestones are available.
  • Flatbacks are NON hot fix. Therefore they do NOT have a glue already applied to the backing. You will need a glue to affix Flatbacks to your projects.

Color Changing Chameleon Rhinestones

  • Looking for unique rhinestones? Look no further than chameleon color changing rhinestones.
  • Chameleon Rhinestone have a special coating applied to them. The coating gives the rhinestones a shimmering effect that makes them change colors depending on what angle light is reflecting off of them.
  • We currently carry 4 color changing rhinestone colors
  • Chameleon Rainbow are on a Siam Red base, and change colors to pink and yellow
  • Chameleon Cobalt is a cobalt base that changes colors to dark pink and yellow.
  • Chameleon Emerald is an emerald green base that changes colors to purples, pink and yellow
  • Chameleon Siam Red is a Siam base that changes colors to pinks and yellows with hints of purple.
  • You may also see chameleon or color changing rhinestones referred to as flame or volcano colors. For example Red Flame Flatback or Red Volcano non hot fix rhinestones.

Flat Back Rhinestone Sizes

  • Garnet Dark Red Flatback Rhinestones  are available in multiple sizes.
  • Glass Flatbacks referred to in SS sizes, where SS stands for Stone Size.
  • We currently carry sizes SS4, SS6, SS8, SS10, SS12, SS16, SS20, SS30 + Multi-Size Packs.
  • Alternatively, rhinestones may be referred to in mm sizes. MM stands for millimeters.
  • Generally, Resin, Jelly and Acrylic stones use MM sizes.
  • Please see our flat back rhinestone sizing chart for sizing conversion from SS to MM

Flatback Quantities

  • Flat backs sold in 10 gross packages
  • 1 gross = 144 stones (or a dozen, dozens) and 10 gross = 1,440 stones
  • Bling Your Things packages rhinestones by weight. Therefore stone counts are an estimate and may vary per bag.

Non Hotfix Application:

  • Flatback rhinestones can be affixed to projects with several different types of adhesives.
  • For your convenience we carry Supertite Brand adhesives.
  • Supertite Fusion Tack can be used on projects like 20oz stainless tumblers to apply Glass Flatback Glass Rhinestones.
  • Super Tite fusion tack is an industrial strength adhesive, that is solvent free and non toxic. It goes on Siam Red and dries clear! Hence, it is perfect for making decorative rhinestone projects.
  • Fusion tack bonds to items like fabrics, glass, leather, plastic, wood and more.
  • In addition, additional adhesive options are also available for many products like cups, apparel, decals, shoes, hats, bags, dresses and other garments.

Glass Rhinestone Colors

  • In addition to Siam Red Flat backs, we currently carry over 40 colors rhinestones, and continue to add new colors.
  • Check back often as we continue to expand the number of colors and Rhinestone size options available
  • If we do not have a color you are looking for, please contact us at for special requests.
  • Photos on our website are an actual representation of product and rhinestone colors.
  • Because differences in lighting, computer monitors and computer resolutions can occur, colors may appear different from computer to computer.
  • Additionally, variants in the manufacturing processes can also occur.  Therefore, rhinestone colors can also slightly vary from batch to batch.

AB Rhinestones

  • Have you heard of the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis effect?
  • Well that’s exactly what the AB before or after the name of a rhinestone stands for is Aurora Borealis.
  • AB Rhinestone have a special coating applied to them. This gives the rhinestones an iridescent, rainbow shimmer effect.
  • The most popular AB Flatback rhinestone color is Siam Red. Followed by Siam AB, then Cobalt AB or Siam Red AB. That’s right, red, white and blue, Baby!

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Weight .10 oz

SS30-2Gr/288pc, SS4-10Gr/1440pc, SS6-10Gr/1440pc, SS8-10Gr/1440pc, SS10-10Gr/1440pc, SS12-10Gr/1440pc, SS16-10Gr/1440pc, SS20-10Gr/1440pc


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Garnet Dark Red Flatback Rhinestones Garnet Dark Red Flatback Rhinestones
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