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Differences between hotfix and flatback rhinestones

Difference between hotfix and flatback rhinestones

What are Flatback Rhinestones?

Unlike HotFix Rhinestones, Flatback Rhinestones do not have glue applied to the back. Which is why they are also referred to as Non HotFix Rhinestones.  Flatbacks can be applied to multiple types of products and surfaces with adhesives like epoxy or glue, like SuperTite Fusion Tack. The backing on this type of stone can be unfoiled or foiled. The foiled backing helps reflect light to give the rhinestones additional reflection and color brilliance. Foiled backing colors include silver, gold or pink, pink being the most reflective. Unfoiled Rhinestones do not have a backing so they are transparent and the surface they are applied to will show thru the stones.  Flatback Rhinestones can be applied to many items some of our favorite projects include Tumblers, Cups, Shoes, and Dance uniforms.

What are HotFix Rhinestones?

Hotfix Rhinestones are made with a glue backing. The stones are applied to items like shirts, hats and decals with heat, using a heat press or an iron. The glue backing can be made in different colors. Backings made with grey textured glues are best and have long lasting holding strength and are superior to stones with black glue backings which are generally very thin and messy.

Bling Your Things HotFix Rhinestones can be applied at 335° using medium to firm pressure for 15 seconds. If you are using a different type of rhinestone, please refer to the manufacture recommend application instructions. Additional Application instructions for Bling Your Things HotFix Rhinestones can be found in here.

What is an AB Rhinestone?

The AB that you see before or after the name of the rhinestone stands for Aurora Borealis, which you may have heard before regarding the northern lights seen in places like Alaska and Canada. AB Rhinestone have a coating applied to them that gives them an iridescent, rainbow shimmer effect. Crystal AB is the most popular and most commonly used AB color.

What are the different types of Rhinestone Qualities?

Rhinestones can vary in quality depending in how they are manufactured and how many facets they have. Swarovski Rhinestones are one of the original manufactures of Rhinestones and are the highest quality rhinestones on the market. Next is Preciosa Czech Rhinestones, Diamante Machine Cut (DMC) Rhinestones, Machine Cut (MC) Rhinestones, Korean Rhinestones, Acrylic Rhinestones, Epoxy or Resin/Jelly Rhinestones. There are also imitation DMC and MC Rhinestones that are lower quality. Additional information about quality of rhinestones can be found here.

What are Facets?

Facets are the number of sides each rhinestone has, where each facet reflects light in a different direction. The more facets the more reflective and shiny stones will be. Swarovski Xilion Rose have 16 facets and Preciosa Czech Rhinestones and our Diamond Cut Rhinestones have 12 Facets. Korean HotFix Rhinestones have 10 Facets.

Why do I keep seeing Rhinestones referred to by the Gross?

Rhinestones are generally packaged by the gross, same as many products are sold by the ounce, pound, or gallon. Rhinestones are sold by the Gross. One Gross is a dozen dozens, or 144 Rhinestones. Most Rhinestones come in 10 Gross packages of 1,440 Rhinestones or 120 Dozen.
Rhinestones sold are also sold in Bulk and packaging size depends on the stone size
Bulk packages of SS6 and SS10 are 500 Gross, SS16 is 200 Gross, and SS20 is 100 Gross.

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