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DIY Rhinestone bling box so you can becreateful. Includes items like pens and tumblers plus non hotfix rhinestones to make diy crafts

Flatback Bling Box July 2023

July Bling Box Rhinestones and Projects Revealed Plus Exclusive Perks!

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Are you ready to add a touch of sparkle and creativity to your bling journey? Bling Your Things’ July Bling Box delivered a burst of brilliance and delightful projects that left members excited to bling. Let’s dive into the dazzling contents of this month’s Bling Box and the captivating projects it offered.

Flatback Rhinestones: An abundance of Shimmering Flatback Rhinestones

The July Bling Box was packed with 60 gross of glass rhinestones in the captivating colors. The colors included Crystal Flatback Rhinestones and Black Diamond Flatback Rhinestones. Members received an variety of flatback rhinestones in multiple sizes including SS6 and SS16. The best part? It also included two custom bling mixes for both Crystal and Black Diamond. The glass rhinestone mixes included sizes ranging from SS4 to SS20 allowing you to add a touch of uniqueness to each project.

Two Themed Projects to Unleash Your Creativity

This month, members had the pleasure of indulging in not one but two captivating themed projects. The first project was a 12oz Duozie from MakerFlo Crafts. The Duozie is a 2 in 1, it includes a slide top lid so it can be a Tumbler or a twist on open lid so it can be used as a Can Coozie. Either way its perfect for staying hydrated in style. 

The second project offered a twist of fun with a wooden tic-tac-toe board, that included nine adorable X’s & O’s pieces. The board game and pieces can be painted any color you’d like to match your home decor, and will look perfect on a coffee table or kitchen table. 

These themed projects allowed members to expand their rhinestoning knowledge, as well as allowed them to infuse each creation with their own unique flair.

Rhinestone Patterns/SVG Designs: Elevate Your Designs

Bling Your Things created two thoughtfully curated patterns this month, that allowed members the option to choose which design they wanted to try.  July’s Bling Box delivered not one but two different Zebra patterns. They had the options of a dual honeycomb, aka cushion pattern or a scatter pattern. The first Rhinestone Zebra pattern creatively used flatbacks in sizes SS6 and SS16 to make the Zebra stripes in a cushion pattern. The second pattern was a Zebra SVG Pattern that could be downloaded and cut using a Cameo or Cricut cutter in vinyl, offering a fantastic canvas for the application of rhinestones in a scatter pattern over the vinyl.

Bling Box Perks: Exclusive Discounts and Free Shipping

As a valued Bling Box member, members not only received an amazing assortment of rhinestones and awesome projects, but also received an exclusive discount for a future order. Julys Member Perk discount was a generous $5 off $25 purchase. It’s our way of saying thank you and offering a sparkling deal that keeps on giving! And that’s not all, the cherry on top, every month Bling Boxes includes free shipping on the bling boxes so there’s a hassle-free shopping experience and no additional surprises at checkout.

Free Expert Guidance and Live Tutorials

Bling Your Things wants to see our community of Blingers succeed! To ensure each member can dive into their projects with confidence, each month Shannon from Bling Your Things hosts a live unboxing session, showcasing each item in the box. Members are also treated to a live tutorial in our private Facebook group and on our YouTube Channel.  Shannon demonstrates the step-by-step process of creating both bling projects. With expert guidance, every blinger can bring their visions to life.

The July Bling Box from Bling Your Things included a trove of rhinestones and creative projects.  From the dazzling assortment of non hotfix rhinestones to the themed projects and unique Zebra patterns, every element was thoughtfully curated to ignite the spark of creativity in each member.  Stay tuned for the next Bling Box adventure and continue to sparkle with creativity! 

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