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Neon Pink Flatback Rhinestones for diy bling tumblers ss20

Flatback or HotFix Rhinestones? Whats the difference?

Flatback or HotFix Rhinestones, whats the difference?

Welcome to the dazzling world of rhinestones lets talk Flatback or HotFix Rhinestones.  If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by the all the choices between Flatback or HotFix Rhinestones, no worries!  We’re here to guide you in selecting the perfect rhinestones for your project. So, let’s dive in and discover what sets these two types of rhinestones apart and figure out which one suits your artistic vision.

Let’s start with flatback rhinestones. These beautiful rhinestones have a flat backing that have a reflective foil. The most common color of foil backing is silver, but you may also see gold or pink foil backings.  To apply flatbacks you’ll need an adhesive glue and a pick up tool.  The good news is that many types of glues work well with flatback rhinestones. For most projects like tumblers, pens and fabrics, we recommend using a light viscosity glue like Super Tite Fusion Tack. If you’re working with trickier materials like a suede you might want to try a thicker glue like multi grab 360.


Diamond Cut Hot Fix Rhinestones in Siam Sapphire and Rose

Next lets talk about hotfix rhinestones. This type of rhinestones is also known as iron on rhinestones. Hot fix crystals come with a heat-sensitive adhesive already applied to their backing. This makes them a perfect choice for apparel like shirts, hoodies and cheer uniforms. To apply hotfix rhinestones, you’ll need to activate the glue with heat. There are a few popular methods to accomplish this. You can use a heat press, an iron, or a hotfix applicator wand.  Looking to apply a small amount of stones or apply one by one, the easiest way to apply hotfix crystals is with a hotfix wand. Want to make larger designs for a shirt or hoodie, you can create a  rhinestone transfer, then apply apply the stones with an iron or a heat press.  (See this post for more info on how to create a rhinestone transfer.)

How to apply rhinestones


Now that you know a little more about each type of rhinestone, which type should you choose? Flatbacks or hotfix rhinestones? Its really going to depend on what you’re DIY rhinestone project is. Hotfix rhinestones are applied to items that can handle high temperatures of 300 degrees or higher. Again, hotfix are most commonly used on apparel like shirts, hats, decals and dance costumes or items that will be frequently washed.  If you’re working on materials like stainless steel or acrylic tumblers that will only be hand-washed then flatback rhinestones are your best choice.

No matter which type rhinestone your project needs Bling Your Things has you covered. We offer a wide array of rhinestones colors in Diamond Cut Flatback Rhinestones, Neon Flatback Rhinestones, AB Flatbacks as well as Korean HotFix and Diamond Cut Hotfix rhinestones for all your blinging needs. Whether you’re looking for rhinestones to decorate a tumbler, costume, or nails, or you want to explore the myriad of colors in our collection, we’ve got it all!

So, get ready to unleash your creativity and add some serious sparkle to your world with the perfect rhinestones for your project. Happy Blinging!

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